Being nice starts with you.

Always Be Nice

The challenge is not the act, it's the frequency. It's desperately needed in the world today, where empathy, kindness, and respect seem to be in short supply. It's free, it's simple, it's within your control, and it's rooted in who your inner child wants you to be. Always Be Nice. You will smile more, stress less, grow stronger, love harder, and share our one unifier-humanity. #AlwaysBeNice.

Our Story

Always Be Nice started as a neon sign that we created for our office in New York City to remind anyone that entered our studio to lead with empathy. The words were simply meant as a reflection of our culture to lead with patience, kindness, and love. Because the sign could only impact so many, we decided to run an experiment and produce stickers to hand them out to people – mostly strangers – who showed kindness to others. Almost immediately, we witnessed the number of smiles and self-reflection that a simple little sticker could elicit. Over the last 10 years we've distributed tens of thousands of these stickers, which have resulted in tens of thousands of smiles, embraces, good will, and days made in New York City, Jersey City, and across the globe. It starts with you and keeps going and going. #AlwaysBeNice


Always Be Nice Hazy Pale Ale

Always Be Nice is proud to partner with NJ brewery Alementary to release a limited edition, delicious, and crushable Hazy Pale Ale! Each can features a removable sticker to spread the love. We're putting more niceness into the world by donating $1 for every 4 pack to the non-profit World Central Kitchen, who feed people in response to crises all over the world.

The Beer

Our Always Be Nice stickers show the world that kindness matters. The stickers make a great excuse to break the ice with a stranger, thank someone for being kind, or just elicit a smile. Show the world that there is value in everyone you meet, while giving back in the process. Pass the message on and watch the love.

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