What is Always Be Nice?
Always Be Nice is a brand with the mission of reminding the world that being nice is free, easy and contagious. It was started by Anthony Del Monte, Overall Nice Guy and founder of Squeaky.

Why Always Be Nice?
It’s been a weird year. We all need more nice.

What is Squeaky?
Squeaky is the company that created and operates the Always Be Nice brand.

Where are you located?
We are located in Manhattan, New York!

Do you have retail stores?
No. We currently only sell through this online shop. If you’re interested in wholesale Always Be Nice products, contact us!

Are you on social media?
You bet. Click here for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Where does the money from my purchase go? 
Proceeds from your purchase will benefit two initiatives close to the Always Be Nice team’s heart: providing necessities to El Tunco Remar, an orphanage in El Salvador, and supporting IHadCancer.com, an online community for cancer survivors, fighters and caregivers.

If you wish to learn more, please visit https://remarelsalvador.org/ and https://www.IHadCancer.com

What are some ways I can be nice? 
It doesn’t take much. Here are a few ideas: ask a stranger if there’s anything you can do for them, ask your cab driver about his/her day, send someone an anonymous compliment, call your mom. Or view our Live It page to get more inspiration!